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Have you had Water Damage caused by:

Rainfall, broken tub, sink, or water supply lines?
Fish tanks, toilet bowl, dishwashers, or washing machines overflow/discharge?
Flooding from a natural disaster, waste line backup, sewage, etc.?

Do not waste time. The faster you act the easier and cheaper will be to fix the problem so you can return to enjoy your normal life again.

Water Damage creates many problems

We understand how frustrating it’s to be disrupted by an unexpected undesired water flood on your property. Although after all true water is essential for life on our planet, so  it can have disastrous effects on property via natural disasters, plumbing problems, etc. A seemingly minor leak can cause serious damages that end up requiring repair. ProTec Restoration knows the best ways to remove water quickly and completely. With our experience and professional tools, we work diligently to remove every last drop of water. Any water that remains can lead to the growth of mold and other health risks, so it’s important to choose a trusted service provider like ProTec Restoration who will do the job right the first time.

Water Damage needs to be addressed quickly

If you had a water-damaged property is imperative to start a fast and effective extraction and drying procedure. The moment water enters the property the clock starts ticking, so getting in touch with a professional is vital.

You can attempt to remove the water at home by yourself, even if you’re using professional or industrial dehumidifiers does not guarantee that you will effectively remove the water from the property. A fully trained professional team like ProTec Restoration can carry out this work to ensure the complete removal of water is done.

We care about you!

What we do? Portland Water Damage Services

Eliminate the source
In any water removal process so the first step is to find the source where the water is originating and stop it completely.

Assessment of damage
Inspect and evaluate where and to what extent the damage occurred in the building.

Evaluation of loss
The evaluation stage involves many steps like assessing the type of water that may have contaminated the area like:

  • Sanitary sources such as leaking from rain, broken tub, sink, or water supply lines.
  • Contaminated sources like fish tanks, toilet bowl overflow, dishwashers, or washing machines overflow/discharge.
  • Extremely contaminated with harmful agents like toxins and pathogens sources like flooding from a natural disaster, waste line backup, sewage, etc.

Water Removal
It’s vital to start water extraction right away, to remove standing water and excess moisture that remains from evaporation.

Drying Process
Quick effective drying must be done once the water has been fully removed, to dry out all surface areas, material, and structure.

Antimicrobial Application
Depending on the level of contamination and risk it may be necessary to use this process.

 Small Details Matter:

Professional dehumidification removes moisture from the air and prevents water damage from condensation. At ProTec Restoration, sophisticated dehumidification equipment Is used to produce effective drying results and mitigate environmental concerns.

We make sure that all moisture is fully removed so that you can continue living care-free!

Water damage, Dehumidification equipment

The 3 STEPS simple process transformation

  • STEP 1

    Get your FREE Estimate

    Contact us to set up a visit to evaluate the damage and provide you with a FREE Estimate that includes the scope of work, timeline, costs, and materials to complete the job.

  • STEP 2

    Get the Job Done!

    Our licensed technicians observing all the official guidelines to protect others from COVID-19 will work to deliver a clean, professional, quick, and quality job to restore your property to the original (or better) conditions.

    STEP 2

  • STEP 3

    Enjoy your newly professional restored property

    You and your family deserve to experience the feeling of a fresh and clean newly restored property for many years.

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